ELT Unite Supports TUI Strike

Teachers Union of Ireland

ELT Unite and its fellow branches fully support our brothers and sisters in the Teachers Union of Ireland in their strike action commencing today.

All of our members, especially those at Delfin and Ibat, are aware that the TUI stood shoulder to shoulder with us on many issues, especially on the picket lines. No system of inequality will survive the persistent and dedicated solidarity of those who teach.

Pay discrimination must never be accepted and we implore all who can join the picket to do so.

The following measures are required to end pay discrimination:

Elimination of the remaining differences in the early points of scale for ‘new entrant’ grades (Teacher, Assistant Lecturer, Youthreach Resource Person, BTEI Adult Educator, Adult Guidance Counsellor/Co-ordinator, Adult Literacy Organiser and Community Education FacilitatorTeacher, Assistant Lecturer etc)

Commencement on point 3 of scale in recognition of the six-year (primary degree and PME) unpaid training period 

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English Language Teachers' Branch of Unite the Union.

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