English Language Education Covid-19 Working Group

MembersDES, QQI, Department of Social Protection, Department of Justice and Equality, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Enterprise Ireland, MEI, PCN, ICOS
TORAssess and address emerging issues for international students in English Language Education in Ireland, and for those who have planned to travel here and may have already paid fees

Coordinate and lead communications / advice to ELE students

Assess implications for ELE sector of any pause in international activities

Determine and coordinate the policy, operational and communications actions which need to be taken to support expeditious resumption of international ELE activities (when appropriate) and to facilitate international students studying in Ireland, ensuring that Ireland remains internationally competitive in this area having regard to actions being taken by other States

Ensure consistency of approach across ELE and HE

RegularityAs required
Ways of workingIdentification and allocation of leadership for workstreams Assess emerging international good practice Identification of common arrangements and shared commitments Escalate to SG & co-ordinate with other working groups Interact with stakeholders and third parties as required, including potentially partner Governments/agencies

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