Support from ELT professionals

I’m an ex-union rep myself and come from a family of trade unionists, so . . . 
I’ve been saying for years that the industry needs to be more collective and organised, so it’s lovely to be able to to help out in whatever small way I can.
Amazing work everyone’s doing.
Hats off
Hugh Dellar

Teacher, teacher trainer and author at LEXICAL LAB and National Geographic Learning

It’s good to hear that some progress is being made in terms of teachers’ working lives and I wish you all the best in your current campaign. It was in fact talking to teachers in Ireland when I was last there two years ago that really alerted me to the systemic iniquities in employment conditions.
Thanks once again, and you can count on my support.
Best wishes

Scott Thornbury

Series Editor, Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers
Cambridge University Press

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