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The following is a list of schools and information we are receiving about their responses to the closures.

In addition, we have added all relevant Government, Unite and Financial information, as we receive it. Jobseeker’s forms and online applications can be found here.

Thank you all again for your help.

Please feel free to contact us to correct any information or to provide updates. All information is correct as of 22/03/20 – 15:00

Academic Bridge: Teachers instructed to go to Intreo or apply online.

Atlas: All teachers temporarily laid off with a week’s pay. No online delivery option being implemented at the moment. Sick days or holidays are to be used for 13/03/20.

Berlitz: Teachers have been asked to take temporary layoff with 22 hours notice and no break-down of how this will work financially.

Castleforbes: No teacher lay offs. Remote teaching will be implemented. 

Chapterhouse: Training session 13/03/20. Online teaching from 16/03/20. Google Classroom.

Cork English School: No information given to teachers apart from an email that gave information on how to apply for social welfare on the 13/03/20. Teachers also given information detailing how to front-load holiday pay.

DIFC: Teachers are being paid as normal. Training being provided on Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Classes being delivered from home starting 16/03/20.

EC: Teachers have been given three options: Teach online from home, a classroom or sign on. Currently temporarily closed until Friday 27th March 2020 – Students being offered full access to online learning platform.

Emerald: Delivering classes online. Teachers are being paid.

Englishour: Teachers are temporarily laid off until 29/03/20, unpaid but with a bonus added on to regular payment. No mention of online lessons. No updates since last week.

English Studio: Students will receive attendance and no refunds. Teachers are to support themselves with the holiday pay they have accrued. Sick leave is another option. Unpaid leave is the only remaining option for those without sick leave or accrued holidays.

Erin School: two weeks home stay (paid) expected to return on Monday the 30th. No updates since Thursday the 12th. After the two weeks we were told we’ll have to use sick days or annual leave or go and apply for any of the welfare support

Everest: Classes are being delivered online.

IBAT: Online delivery for currently enrolled students. No home online teaching at present. Will remain open, obeying social distancing advice, until instructed otherwise by the Government. All students have been refused refunds. Teachers in Ibat are expected to work from home starting 23/03/20 unless there are problems, then they have to ring the DOS.

ICOT: Short-Time Work Support scheme. A letter from the school to take down to the Intreo Centre. No online teaching possible. Update: All teachers are laid off and should sign on.

ISI: Asking all of their teachers to attend training on Monday from 08:45 – 13:15. Two sessions in order to observe social distancing requirements. Classes expected to be online from 18/03/20 until 28/03/20

Oscars: Classes being delivered online.

SEDA: Teachers have been given letters for social welfare. No information about supplementary pay. SEDA already has a SEDA Online platform that gives students some material to access. No Online teaching.

TCD: No work since 12/03/20 until 30th March as per government directive.

Ulearn: No morning hours for some teachers. Cancellations. Option to online teach from home.


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Covid-19 and your rights as a worker

Information for workers facing layoff and/or requiring Department of Social Protection Support

COVID-19 and your Rights as a Worker – Updated 18 March 2020

Unite will approach social welfare if it seems members are being refused support.


Department of Justice

Updated COVID-19 measures for customers of the Department of Justice and Equality’s Immigration Service Delivery Function

Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection

Customer Notice COVID-19

Workers who are laid off temporarily or put on to short time working (COVID-19

Short Time Work Support

COVID-19 Information for Employees and the Self Employed

Covid-19 Introduction of simplified Unemployment Payments for employees and payments possible through employers – Minister Doherty

Department of Education and Skills

Statement from the Department of Education and Skills for students in the English language education sector

Jobseeker Forms and Online applications

Jobseeker’s Payment Online Application

Jobseeker’s Payment Form

Supplementary Welfare Form



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English language students told they will not receive refund

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